Program: Platforms of Urban Imagination



19.00 Uhr    Platforms of Urban Imagination: City, Art, Planning – Making Participation more Clever.

Introduction by Margit Czenki und Christoph Schäfer

19.30 Uhr    Learning from Tijuana: Global relevant urban development by the many
Teddy Cruz

10.30 Uhr    short Intro
Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer

Block 1:     Utopian Surplus

10:45 Uhr    Wiring up the Blind Field
Russel Market TV and other urban projects in Delhi and Bangalore
Shaina Anand

11.15 Uhr    When the audience becomes producer: The Art Club and the effects of Stuttgart 21 Protests
Iris Dressler

11.45 Uhr    PlanBude / Planning Shack: ESSO-Houses Hamburg St. Pauli: making Participation more Clever in the Centre of Gentrification
Margit Czenki

12.15 Uhr    Feedback

12.30 Uhr    Lunch Break

Block 2:     city, Imagination, participation

13.15 Uhr     Innovative and social urban experiments in Latin American Mega-Cities
Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman

13:45 Uhr    T-City. Evaluated.
Michael Lobeck / promediare

14.15 Uhr    ContainerUni – Art, democratic planning and the imaginary
Christoph Schäfer

14.30 Uhr    Experiment Friedrichshafen – an urban lab – ein stadtLabor
Markus Müller

15.00 Uhr    Feed back

15.15 Uhr     coffee break

Block 3:     Networking urban knowledge with High Tech

16.00 Uhr    CAMP,, :
Shaina Anand

16:30 Uhr    Design Reaktor Berlin:
how the smart organisation of cooperation between desginers and craftsmen enables new inventions and unearths new creative potentials where no one expects them
Axel Kufus

17.15 Uhr    Discussion – Platforms of exchange, production abnd common invention
Moderation Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg

19.00 Uhr    Get together

10.00 Uhr    Brunch: Mostly, the best ideas come after the official discussion, at the bar at night, in bed – that’s why we invite all speakers as well as the interested audience for an informal exchange on the day after.

12.00 Uhr    travel

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