Facts & Figures


| Site: Fallenbrunnen 17/2, Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance, Germany

| approx. 2.500 qm

| 4 Container-Buildings and a „Hangar“ from readymade parts

| 11 lecture-halls, approx 60 offices for scientists and administration , 5 project- and group-rooms, spaces for work and leisure with Café Mundvoll (in the Hangar), OpenTestHaus with work spaces for students (self-admistered and self-designed Experimentation Room, Lounge, Kitchenette, Studio with tools – and more).

| Moving in: October 1 – until the main Campus FAB 3 is finished

| Design: quartier vier architects, Leipzig, with the artists Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer, Hamburg

| On Site architects Hildebrand + Schwarz, Friedrichshafen

| Realization Container: Zeppelin Rental GmbH & Co. KG

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