Art & Containers


 Use the temporary situation – and make sure that everyone will miss the make-shift University in four years.

Christoph Schäfer and Margit Czenki

With this slogan, the two artists Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer, launched a production of desires with ZU students and employees in autumn 2011.

An intense exchange started between the artists, architects quartier vier, and employees and students of Zeppelin University – a complex common oeuvre, a spatial experiment is in the making. The result as well as the process, challenge and shift the borders of academic teaching, of art, and of architecture.

The most significant building, conceptually and from its programming, is the centrally located Open Test Haus – a building designed, and self administred by the students: The Hausordnung does not apply.

The houses, assembled from standard office containers, were designed by architects and artists in close cooperation with the experts of Zeppelin Rentals. The new temporary buildings offer a variety of surprising views and relations between buildings. The space is organized in such a way, that it invites people to stay and to communicate. Furthermore it allows the visitors to develop new visual interactions with the surrounding buildings and its natural environment: unseen views into trees, orchards and the lake of constance wait for the new inhabitants.


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