ContainerUni as Experiment


„There has never been more >garage< than now“ Stephan A. Jansen*

ContainerUni – do-it-yourself: Taking Zeppelin University‘s demand of space and the architects layout as a starting point, students and employees begin to appropriate the planning-process, followed by the actual spaces of this temporary campus in Fallenbrunnen. An experimental design process gets going.

Especially the self-organized-student house, called Open Test Haus (OTH), is an essential element of this container campus, because it enables students to create a space that suits their personal needs. The OTH — sometimes lovelingly referred to as “Otti” — gives space to various student-projects, student-groups (such as ASHOKA, Rock your Life!, ZU- sports etc.) and hosts a kitchen, an experimental space to be defined and redefined, a play and sports zone, a studio / workshop and three rooftop terraces. All the desired rooms in “Otti” will be designed, decorated and coordinated by the students themselves.

Image: Real and Desired Working Tools

Also the furniture in the social center (the Hangar), that holds the Coffeeshop Mundvoll and the Check-In Center, have been designed by the students. For instance, the 80 chairs for the Hangar were collected from private and institutional donors and then processed in an artistic manner.

Left: Chair altered by the students of the Kopf & Hand Seminar: Algae-Tea (The Esoteric Aunt)


The Hangar is not only a common area that allows students to socialize and work, but will also be the space that hosts official events of the university. The coffeshop Mundvoll welcomes the neighbouring students of DHBW and visitors from the surrounding workspaces (such as ZAB) all day.

Chairs altered by students of the Kopf & Hand Seminar: 50 Shades of Grey

*in reference to Walt Whitman



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