The Concept


For approximately 2 years, the ContainerUni will be the temporary home of Zeppelin University at Fallenbrunnen – until we will move into the new Main-Campus at Fallenbrunnen 3.

ContainerUni is a platform of exchange and wants to work as a space to develop new formats with other actors in the city. Eventhough ContainerUni is an intermediate buiding – it is the first full fledged Campus on the grounds of the former military base Fallenbrunnen. Next to academic and student life, it will host a multitude of events – and it is supposed to function as a public attractor.

The ContainerUni Lecture Series will discuss the function of a new University in a changing industrial city. On top of that, ContainerUni provides exciting spaces that want to be played and experimented with. Events and public talks, discussions and exhibitions will take place here. The many terraces of the building-complex provide great conditions for various festivals, that are already established at Fallenbrunnen  – like the Long Night of Music or Seekult – with additional stages.

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